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Carnahan Group has experts on staff to provide a wide array of strategic solutions tailored to your organization’s goals. We have experience partnering with urban and rural hospitals, surgical facilities, and physicians’ offices.

We understand that your strategic needs may overlap and that is why we are ready to provide you with a custom analysis to fit not only your needs, but also your budget.

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As part of our unrivaled strategic expertise,
we are equipped to offer the following services:

  • Tailored Strategic Consulting

    Market Analyses for Business Development and Strategic Planning

    Carnahan Group has the capability to inform business ventures through public and purchased data, mapping applications, data visualization software, and collaboration with internal stakeholders. Broad strategic analyses can be conducted at the state and county levels using national, regional, or state-based benchmarks. Advanced geocoding is applied to visualize census-tract level data and gain optics into more granular market dynamics.

    Detailed analyses include:

    • Geodemographic Segmentation / Psychographics
    • Competitor Hospital, Outpatient, and Clinical Locations
    • Population Density and Projected Growth
    • Worker Inflow/Outflow and Job Density
    • Health Insurance Coverage
    • Traffic Patterns, Drive Time Rings, and Routing
    • Forecasting Future Market Needs
    • Implementation Evaluation
  • Certificate of Need (CON) Applications Support

    Carnahan Group has experience collaborating with counsel to collect the necessary market and financial data to support the establishment of new facilities within states with certificate of need programs.

    • Physician Planning & Recruitment

      Community Needs Assessments and Physician Workforce Assessments

      For two decades, Carnahan Group has been advising all types of health facilities on the specialty needs of their communities through Community Needs Assessments (CNA), also known as Physician Needs Assessments or Workforce Analyses.

      The findings of a CNA provide insight into where to place newly recruited physicians while adhering to Stark Law, Anti-Kickback regulations, and private inurement rulings.

      Community Needs Assessments can include:

      • Stark-Compliant Community Definition
      • Demographic Projections
      • Market Share Analyses
      • Physician and/or Administrative Interviews
      • Tailored Physician Demand Calculations
      • Detailed List of Active Physicians within the Service Area
    • Single Specialty Needs Assessment

      When a facility would like to focus on recruiting a particular specialty or sub-specialty, Carnahan Group can develop a thorough Single Specialty Needs Assessment (SSNA) involving in-depth research and the development of a unique physician-to-population ratio.

      An SSNA may also be utilized as justification for physician recruitment within a J-1 Visa Conrad 30 Wavier program application. Click here to learn more about how Carnahan Group can assist you with Delaware’s J1 Visa Waiver Program.

    • Medical Staff Demand Analysis

      Carnahan Group has been conducting Community Needs Assessments (CNA) since the company’s inception. We utilize demographic and specialty needs data gathered through the CNA process to serve as a foundation for the Medical Staff Development Plans. Next, we gather market intelligence to identify gaps in the hospital’s physician mix and utilize the hospital’s physician alignment strategy to prioritize recruitment, employment, and acquisition. Finally, we identify service lines and specialties for achieving growth and recommend a timeline for executing the strategy.

    • Community Benefit Consulting

      Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

      Carnahan Group has extensive experience in conducting Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) for non-profit hospitals and joint assessments for multiple facilities, health departments, and stakeholder organizations. Our specialized team of analysts can facilitate a comprehensive assessment from start to finish. We also offer tailored solutions for key components of the CHNA process, like stakeholder interviews, secondary data gathering, or the development of an implementation strategy. Carnahan Group’s public health expertise and proven methodology will ensure your hospital complies with the IRS 501(r)(3) requirements and relevant state regulations.
      How will a Carnahan Group Community Health Needs Assessment benefit your facility?

      • Identifies the most urgent healthcare and social needs of your community
      • Aggregates feedback from key stakeholders
      • Highlights health disparities and inequitable access to care
      • Maps existing resources within the community
      • Adheres to compliance with government requirements
      • Takes the guesswork out of collecting secondary data
    • Implementation Strategy

      Carnahan Group acts as a partner to hospital facilities throughout the Implementation Strategy process, facilitating collaborative brainstorming and collecting input from key stakeholders. Following the completion of a recent CHNA, our team of experts will recommend an array of specific strategies that a facility might utilize to address significant health needs within the community.

      Carnahan Group’s implementation strategies are informed by evidence-based interventions and the unique challenges associated with providing healthcare and public health services within your community. The implementation strategy can be used as a roadmap for evaluating progress towards measurable goals during the three-year CHNA cycle.
      What sets our Implementation Strategy consulting apart?

      • A structured framework for translating ideas into measurable and evidence-based strategies
      • Public health expertise
      • Incorporation of broader regional or health system initiatives
      • Facilitated information-gathering and brainstorming sessions
      • Recommendations for verifiable service targets, process measures, and internal metrics