A complete plan around integrated healthcare strategies provides an analysis of the hospital’s competitive landscape.

We’re here to help you discover opportunities, threats, as well as the hospital’s strengths and weaknesses. Our strategic reports will also help identify the hospital’s best service lines for achieving the desired growth, identifying which specialties and specific physicians are driving growth, and determining at which hospitals this growth is taking place.

As part of our unrivaled strategic expertise,
we are equipped to offer the following services:

  • Community Needs Assessments

    This regulatory document is essential in the recruitment of physicians to your hospital’s Service Area. For 18 years, Carnahan Group has been helping both for-profit and non-profit hospitals assess the specialty needs of their communities. An in-depth mapping and demographic analysis can provide great insight into where to place newly recruited physicians. By strategically placing physicians within their Stark II Phase II Service Area, hospitals can optimize market share while minimizing risk of employment.

    Our summative evaluation process creates a strategic tool to help you solve problems proactively and set realistic goals. This analysis includes:

    • Key indicators toward assessing staffing needs
    • Community overview
    • Demographic synthesis
    • An assessment of physician supply and demand by medical specialty
  • Medical Staff Development Plans

    Carnahan Group has been conducting Community Needs Assessments (CNA) since the company’s inception. We utilize demographic and specialty needs data gathered through the CNA process to serve as a foundation for the Medical Staff Development Plans. Next, we gather market intelligence to identify gaps in the hospital’s physician mix and utilize the hospital’s physician alignment strategy to prioritize recruitment, employment, and acquisition. Finally, we identify service lines and specialties for achieving growth and recommend a timeline for executing the strategy.

  • Single Specialty Demand Analysis

    Physician alignment is the most critical driver of a health system’s growth strategy. A Single Specialty Demand Analysis considers existing supply and projected demand for the services of a particular medical specialty or sub-specialty within a hospital’s Service Area.

    This kind of reporting can be performed quickly when a health system needs to hire within a given specialty or sub-specialty on short notice. Since a CNA is included with any single specialty plan, this report profiles and identifies anticipated vulnerabilities in a particular specialty and for specialties that don’t have clearly defined physician-to-population ratios. These may be due to physicians nearing/exceeding retirement age or other factors that limit physician resources.

  • Strategic Plans

    A complete strategic plan provides an analysis of the hospital’s competitive landscape. This can help discover opportunities, threats and the hospital’s strengths and weaknesses. This report also will help identify the hospital’s best service lines for achieving the desired growth, which specialties and specific physicians are driving growth and at which hospitals.

  • Community Health Needs Assessments

    Carnahan Group has extensive experience in conducting Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) for non-profit hospitals. Our process and methodology ensures your hospital complies with all requirements set forth in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). A CHNA can assist you in strategic planning by allowing you to change the direction of your healthcare services to better serve your community. Carnahan Group helps you deliver premier healthcare services.

    How will a Community Health Needs Assessment benefit you?

    • Compliance with government requirements
    • Identify the health care needs of your community
    • Highlight the health disparities and resources of the community
    • Close the gap between your healthcare delivery system and the identified community needs