To ensure your facility employs physicians at a fair market value with maximum regulatory compliance, our analysts perform healthcare compensation valuations by conducting interviews with administration, internal counsel, and physicians to assess their qualifications and experience. Academic physician compensation and medical director compensation analysis is part of this process.

Top healthcare organizations across the country rely on Carnahan Group to obtain high-quality compensation valuations.

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As part of our Academic Physician Compensation and Medical Director Compensation Analysis expertise
(including performing Healthcare Compensation Valuations),
Carnahan Group offers the following services:

  • Employment Agreements

    Physicians are always your potential referral source. When hospitals employ physicians, an unbiased, third-party opinion is often essential to maintain a positive working relationship. By reviewing specific contractual information and applying Stark-approved methodology, Carnahan Group ensures fair market value for Healthcare Compensation Valuations as related to the institution’s physicians.

    Carnahan Group analyzes employment agreements with a variety of components to include: medical directorships, call coverage, academic services, and mid-level supervision.

  • Professional Services Agreements

    Typically, these agreements involve collections or subsidy agreements between hospitals and physician groups. In exchange for a guaranteed compensation floor, physicians provide essential services to a hospital. Analysis of academic physician compensation and medical director compensation helps to determine these agreements.

    • Contracted agreements with physician for coverage
    • Telemedicine coverage
    • Specific service valuations – i.e., lithotripsy
    • Other types of professional services agreements include payments to a physician or physician group on a per study basis
  • On-Call Coverage Agreements

    By combining client-specific information on services performed at your facility with Stark methodology, Carnahan Group determines the fair market value of each on-call coverage agreement using an encounter-based analysis specific to your facility. Increasingly, hospitals enter these agreements by paying physicians on a per diem basis to ensure adequate coverage of their emergency departments.

  • Medical Directorship Agreements

    We advise healthcare facilities around the topic of compensation, specifically in regards to physician administrative/executive duties, whether they are contracted or employed. With our guidance, we can expand on the duties of an administrative physician to cover multiple services. Carnahan Group doesn’t just analyze medical director compensation, but we also take into account the total compensation provided to the physician to ensure that compensation stacking does not occur.

  • Recruitment Agreements

    Carnahan Group also analyzes/develops the compensation structure (educational loan assistance, relocation assistance, etc) that will incentivize a physician to recruit into the market.

  • Management Service Agreements

    Carnahan Group analyzes arrangements such as Management Services Agreements, Marketing Services Agreements for pharmacies and other endless possibilities.

  • Clinical Co-Management Agreements

    Clinical Co-Management Agreements are arrangements where physicians, and hospitals work collaboratively to improve the quality and efficiency of a hospital-based service line. The management fee is structured as a base fee plus a productivity bonus upon the achievement of predetermined and measurable quality and efficiency metrics. The goal of a Co-Management Agreement is to increase quality and efficiency within a hospital department or service line in order to enhance patient care and satisfaction.

  • Collections Guarantee/Subsidies

    Typically, these agreements involve collections or subsidy agreements between hospitals and physician groups. In exchange for a guaranteed compensation floor, physicians provide essential services to a hospital.

    Carnahan Group analyzes the compensation to the providers, associated operating expenses, and collections in order to determine if the proposed arrangement is consistent with fair market value.

  • FMVMD™

    We have developed a unique process to determine accurate compensation guidelines for clinical, administrative, academic, and on-call staff, which incorporates a wide variety of simple to complex compensation structures. Carnahan Group supplies a variety of options in order to deliver fair market valuations at your convenience with instant results.

    Healthcare Compensation Valuations that require qualitative factors are sent electronically to an analyst for an accurate review.

    If a compensation model you require is not found within our proprietary web-based platform, we have the capability of extending our platform.

  • Compensation Advisory, Structuring, and Planning

    After academic physician compensation and medical director compensation analysis, Carnahan Group’s Healthcare Compensation Valuations and advisory services produce accurate compensation plans as well as proformas.