Healthcare Fair Market Valuation: Why Is It Important?

This brief video explains why Healthcare Fair Market Valuations (FMVs) are extremely important, particularly for Healthcare practitioners and decision-makers. Understanding this importance is key to seeking a competent consultant to assist with this process.

When we’re discussing healthcare FMV (Fair Market Valuations), it’s absolutely critical to understand its importance, particularly within healthcare.

This FMV is going to serve a healthcare practice’s best defense when a transaction is called into question.

Within healthcare, there is such an onerous overlay of regulations and penalties. Therefore, a healthcare FMV needs to be put together properly, according to the appropriate standards, and performed by a competent individual who can defend their opinion.

With an opinion, there is likely to be a differing opinion, and this differing opinion is likely to be a an expert on the government’s side.

A healthcare FMV by a capable group of experienced professionals will be your best defense in the event your practice’s transaction gets called into question.

The government’s stepped up enforcement of regulations and penalties generates significant returns. Therefore, being called into question is only a matter of time by most healthcare practices.

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