Healthcare Fair Market Valuation: What It’s Not

Many practitioners seeking a Healthcare Fair Market Valuation — also known as Healthcare FMV — may be confused about what it is. Carnahan Group’s expertise can help. One of our qualified consultants will be able to set correct expectations on what to expect, and what not to expect when performing a Healthcare FMV.

In order to perform a Healthcare FMV, Carnahan Group will work closely with you to assist in collecting all the necessary documents to perform the due diligence while using our extensive proprietary and pertinent market research.

We are able to coordinate interviews, perform site inspections, and review reimbursements among many other services. With Carnahan Group at your side, you can continue to focus on the day-to-day operations of your healthcare practice while we perform your healthcare fair market valuation.

Many people think a healthcare FMV is simply about a number, but that couldn’t be further from the truth: healthcare fair market valuation is an opinion.

And like all opinions, it may vary according to many circumstances. There may even be two qualified and competent opinions that vary among them.

A healthcare FMV is not about math, but about opinions. The most important element to arrive at an opinion of value is to follow a proven process to get there.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how to get started with your healthcare FMV.