A unique, web-based physician compensation platform that allows hospitals and healthcare entities to receive affordable and reliable physician fair market valuations instantly.

The days of waiting weeks and months to get physician compensation valuations are now over! FMV-MD™ provides rapid and compliant results. Our cloud-based platform was designed for scale, speed, affordability, and compliance. Furthermore, our team of highly qualified valuation professionals are ready to support FMVMD™. We are empowering healthcare executives to get physician deals done with a click of a button.

Chris Carnahan, President of Carnahan Group

How does FMV-MD™ work?

Don’t settle for just any FMV calculator; gain insights through better quality data and more with FMV-MD™. This robust platform instantly analyzes simple and complex physician compensation arrangements alike, determining clinical, medical director, on-call, administrative, and academic compensation for fair market value and commercial reasonableness.

The platform’s algorithm assesses historical factors, productivity, proposed hours, and total compensation to ensure maximum compliance and protection against potential compensation stacking issues.

Need a starting point?
Introducing the NEW FMV Estimator™. With this new module, users can quickly identify market ranges for physician compensation and access high-quality data that helps hospitals make informed decisions related to FMV conformance, compensation planning, and recruitment.
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Available and Ready To Work

FMV-MD™ is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and includes over 260 specialties and mid-level providers.

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Other Features of FMV-MD™

  • customizable


    • FMV-MD™ was created with the help of our clients, so we are aware of the issues the industry faces.
    • If you do not see your compensation structure, we will implement one that best suits your needs.
    • Enables overall submission analytics.
    • Provides tools to assist in measuring your return on investment.
    • Incorporates Community Needs Assessments.
  • reliable


    • Secure online portal with customized dashboard that allows you to access pertinent information.
    • Tested and used by current clients.
    • Internal audit system built in to ensure accuracy and defensibility.
    • We stand behind our platform and will defend in litigation.
  • turnaround

    Turnaround Time

    • 50% reduced time on complex arrangements.
    • Opinion Letter and submission results can be saved and printed in minutes.
  • internal controls

    Internal Controls

    • Affordable and immediate guidance with FMV Estimator™.
    • Ability to run reports on submissions, view submission history, and view outstanding arrangements.
    • Multi-level user access.
    • User administrators are able to monitor their individual submissions, as well as submissions from their team.
    • View is subject to user access level.
  • at your leisure

    At Your Leisure

    • The platform is available 24/7, 365 days a year.
    • Ability to upload important documents related to each engagement.
    • Historical submissions and reports are always available.
    • Real-time status reports on every engagement.
  • reduced cost

    Reduced Cost

    • Sizable cost reduction.
    • Monthly subscription includes Opinion Letters, unlimited submission generation, and unlimited amount of users.

We offer three tiers of subscription models to meet your needs, including:

The all-inclusive model –This gives access to every module on the platform and unlimited FMV reports. This model is most popular for large health systems.

The subscription model – This gives the user immediate unlimited green FMV opinion letters every month. This model is most popular for medium to large size hospitals.

The per-click model – This gives the user the option to obtain instant opinion letters and reports but without the subscription. Users simply purchase the FMV reports they need. This model is most popular for small hospitals, independent physician practices, and healthcare lawyers.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Transactions™


A physician compensation platform providing innovative solutions for healthcare compliance.

How does it work?

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