Carnahan Group is exclusively focused on the healthcare industry, which gives us a firm understanding of a highly complex set of variables and fields with ever-changing regulations.

The intimate and expansive knowledge of Carnahan Group provides our clients with confidence as they rest assured that our focus is on their healthcare organization as a vital segment in a vast industry.

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A Turnkey Process

With Carnahan Group at your side, you can continue to focus on daily operations without interruption. We work closely with your staff to collect all necessary documents, coordinate interviews, perform inspections, and review reimbursements. We produce the most accurate valuation using our extensive proprietary market research.

Carnahan Group

Our fields of expertise are:

  • Healthcare Business Valuation

    Healthcare Business Valuations

    A fair market valuation (FMV) is required for almost all significant financial transactions involving facilities and referral sources. To ensure clients receive the most accurate valuations, Carnahan Group uses guidelines set forth by the Appraisal Foundation and complies with AICPA and NACVA standards.

    Carnahan Group is able to perform in-depth valuations of healthcare entities and services; these FMVs are required for Stark and other regulatory compliance that surrounds healthcare financial transactions.

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  • Healthcare Compensation Valuation

    Healthcare Compensation Valuations

    To ensure your facility employs physicians at a fair market value that aligns with maximum compliance standards, our analysts conduct interviews with administration, as well as physicians, to assess their qualifications and experience. Compensation plans are analyzed and customized to your specific needs.

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  • Integrated Healtcare Strategies

    Strategic Consulting

    A complete strategic plan provides an analysis of the hospital’s competitive landscape. This can help discover opportunities, threats, and the hospital’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Carnahan Group’s strategic consulting team also assists hospitals and medical practices with transition planning.

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  • Tangible Asset Valuation

    Medical Equipment Appraisals

    Carnahan Group’s expertise allows us to accurately measure the fair market value of all aspects of your healthcare practice, including tangible assets. We can perform a fair market value (FMV) analysis of your tangible assets, regardless of the ownership structure. Carnahan Group has the expertise to complete a wide variety of engagements from lease arrangements to time-share agreements.

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