Nation’s Healthcare Valuation Firm Celebrates Anniversary

Carnahan Group Is Celebrating Two Decades of High-Quality Services & Excellence

TAMPA, FL, July 30, 2022 – For two decades, Carnahan Group has been known as one of the nation’s most trusted healthcare valuation and strategic consulting firms having advised some of the largest healthcare systems across the United States.

For over twenty years, Carnahan Group has performed complex physician compensation and business valuations, Community Health Needs Assessments, transition planning strategies, and other services. The company offers strategic solutions that are tailored to the goals of any healthcare organization. Carnahan Group has experience partnering with urban and rural hospitals, surgical facilities, and physicians’ offices.

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About Carnahan Group: Carnahan Group, Inc. is an innovative healthcare advisory firm that leverages its expertise and technology to drive compliance improvements and cost reductions for some of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations.

While headquartered in Florida, Carnahan Group also has employees in Colorado, South Carolina, Tennessee, Iowa, and Texas. For more information on our areas of expertise, visit:

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