FMV-MD™ Integrates Fair Market Valuations and Community Needs Assessments

Healthcare systems and law firms are utilizing FMVMD™, a fair market valuation platform powered by Carnahan Group, which integrates Community Needs Assessment (“CNA”) data as an additional qualitative factor when performing fair market valuations. Carnahan Group performs single and multi-specialty CNAs to ensure a hospital’s recruitment initiative into its Service Area is compliant with both valuation and private inurement regulations.

FMVMD™ revolutionizes the way the healthcare industry can get deals done. By incorporating the CNA into the platform, clients see both the need in the market and valuation in one place. FMVMD™ can analyze simple and complex physician compensation arrangements alike, to determine fair market value and commercial reasonableness for clinical, medical director, on-call, administrative, and academic compensation, all while ensuring maximum compliance.

“With Carnahan Group incorporating both its Community Needs Assessments and valuation analyses into one platform, IASIS Healthcare has enhanced its ability to evaluate both the fair market value and commercial reasonableness of physician compensation while increasing access to quality healthcare to for the communities it serves,” notes Jim Rayome, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, and Senior Operations Counsel of IASIS Healthcare.

Chris Carnahan, President of Carnahan Group, adds, “We have a variety of clients who require both strategic and valuation reports. It is our goal to be our clients’ innovative partner. With FMVMD, our clients can trust that we will continue to create dynamic products and streamline processes within one platform.”

Carnahan group strives to be our clients one-stop shop for all of their strategic and valuation needs. Call us today for your free consultation on how we can be of assistance to you.