FMV-MD™ Disrupts Healthcare Industry

Spending thousands of dollars and waiting weeks or months for a physician compensation fair market valuation (FMV) is archaic. FMVMD™ is expediting the valuation process for MDs, DOs, and mid-level providers and is putting the financial and organizational control back in the hands of healthcare organizations.

“FMVMD™ has been a fantastic learning tool for my new lawyers. It has helped them understand how the various components of physician compensation affect the FMV analysis and can work with our management to structure such arrangements in a compliant manner. It has also been a great tool to allow us to audit physician compensation agreements annually under our compliance work plan. Historically, it would take us months working with a third-party vendor and now it takes us minutes with FMVMD™,” states Executive Vice President and General Counsel of multi-facility hospital system.

FMVMD™ differs from every other web-based platform on the market in that its patent-pending slider technology enhances the user experience by instantly generating a response based off risk-continuum modeling. It allows the user to negotiate with providers in real-time by giving them instant parameters of what components are able to be adjusted in order to be 100% compliant; we call it Get to Green™.

Green opinion letters are included in the monthly subscription fee. Yellow and red submissions are identified as more risky arrangements and can be dealt with in two ways; a credentialed Carnahan Group analyst would incorporate additional qualitative information to support commercial reasonableness and issue a formal FMV report, or, the user has the option of getting the agreement back to the green with the Get to Green™ feature.

The disruptive technology has even influenced Carnahan Group, the once healthcare consulting firm, to mold into a healthcare technology firm. FMVMD™ is the first of many Carnahan Group powered, innovative technology solutions for healthcare compliance.

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