Carnahan Group Releases an Easy-To-Use Solution to Assess Risks

Carnahan Group Releases an Easy-To-Use Solution to Assess Risks

TAMPA, FL, October 30, 2020 /PR Newswire/ – Carnahan Group, one of the nation’s leading healthcare valuation and consulting firms, is thrilled to announce the newest addition to the FMV-MD™ platform, the Provider Audit™.

Provider Audit

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The Provider Audit™ is an easy-to-use solution to assess risks and provides a rapid audit of the reasonableness and fair market value risks of individual and large groups of physicians. Whether performing regular compliance reviews or conducting due diligence as part of an acquisition, the Provider Audit™ streamlines the identification of risky or outlier arrangements by assessing compensation, productivity, and other payment data. The Provider Audit™ reduces the valuation process from days to minutes, and cuts costs from thousands of dollars to hundreds. The Provider Audit™ is available to both health organizations as well as law firms and is aimed to elevate compliance and enhance legal service value.

The Provider Audit™ is part of the FMV-MD™ platform. This overall FMV tool is an unrivaled software with modules that instantly analyze simple and complex physician compensation arrangements alike, determining clinical, medical director, on-call, administrative, and academic compensation for fair market value and commercial reasonableness.

About Carnahan Group: Carnahan Group, Inc. is an innovative healthcare advisory firm that leverages its expertise and technology to drive compliance improvements and cost reductions for some of the nation’s largest healthcare organizations. For almost two decades, Carnahan Group has served the healthcare industry by providing physician compensation and business valuations, Community Health Needs Assessments, and other strategic services. The firm’s FMV-MD™ compliance software allows healthcare organizations to streamline their fair market valuation process.

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