Carnahan Group Receives Accredited Engaged Organization Award

Carnahan Group, a healthcare technology firm, is proud to announce that it has just received the Accredited Engaged Organization Award for the action they have taken to improve engagement in their business.

The Accredited Engaged Organization Award is independently verified and awarded by Engagement Multiplier – a global leader in improving employee engagement in the workplace. Carnahan Group has achieved this award by demonstrating the implementation of an effective process to robustly measure employee engagement levels every 90 days and have a system to take action on the feedback. Employees confidentially and anonymously share their views, based on a wide range of areas from overall morale, the leadership they are surrounded by, and the level of commitment by the administration to improve engagement levels. Carnahan Group has promoted an honest and transparent work environment with the purpose of strengthening both personal and professional employee connections.

Chris Carnahan comments: “I am incredibly proud of our team, a/k/a the Carnahan Group gang. Their commitment to improving, individually and organizationally, is remarkable. Their level of support, enthusiasm, and engagement is what propels us to greater achievement and record successes. As a leader, it is my job to hire, empower and provide a working environment for my gang that is transparent and purposeful, and then get out of their way. We are honored to receive an award that recognizes our commitment to engagement.”

Carnahan Group is an innovative healthcare technology and consulting firm supplying its clients with compliance solutions backed by their industry experience and trusted methodology. For over 16 years, we have been entrusted by healthcare organizations throughout the nation as an industry leader in providing Fair Market Valuations, Community Needs Assessments, Community Health Needs Assessments and other integrated strategies. For more information, visit:

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