What is a CNA?

A Community Needs Assessment (CNA) is an analysis of physician supply and the demand for physician services within a defined geographical service area. Health systems and hospitals work with third-party consultants like Carnahan Group to conduct these analyses to obtain an unbiased opinion of their service area’s community need for physicians by specialty.

Service Area
A service area can be defined simply – for example, the county your hospital is in, or in a more complex fashion, by following guidelines like those stated within Stark law.

ZIP-Code Level Service Area

Physician Supply

The supply side of a CNA seeks to answer the following questions:

•How many active physicians are practicing inside your service area?
•How much time do these physicians spend providing clinical services within the service area?

Carnahan Group compiles physician data from a variety of public, purchased, and proprietary data sources to ensure the most accurate, up-to-date representation of the total physician supply within a given service area.

Demand for Physician Services

To determine a community’s demand for a given physician specialty, multiply the service area’s population by the specialty’s physician-to-population ratio.


Carnahan Group considers widely accepted, published physician-to-population ratios within Community Needs Assessment (CNA) analyses. These ratios may be customized according to the unique demographics and market dynamics within a particular service area.

Community Need

A surplus or deficit of physicians by specialty emerges when one subtracts the demand for physicians from the actual supply within the service area.


Conducting a CNA can provide a defensible opinion of community need that may be used to justify recruiting assistance for non-employed providers. To learn more about the rules and regulations associated with community need, click here.

How does a CNA differ from a CHNA?

It is important to distinguish a Community Needs Assessment (CNA) from the IRS requirement that non-profit hospital facilities complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years. A CNA is intended to determine physician supply and demand within a service area, while a CHNA is intended to assess the health needs of the community a hospital serves while taking into account input from public health experts and community stakeholders.

Getting Started on your CNA

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Written By: Kelsey Anderson, Senior Strategic Healthcare Analyst