Soleo Health GC ‘infuses’ her expertise to deliver complex patient care

Kimberlee Seah – Soleo Health Soleo Health GC ‘infuses’ her expertise to deliver complex patient care

Kimberlee Seah | Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary | Soleo Health
Written by: David Harry
A patient and her family were pleased when she was discharged from the hospital after receiving care for her endocarditis—the inflammation of the inner linings of her heart’s chamber and valves. However, she still needed follow-up care—infusions of antibiotics—to prevent further infections.
Finding a provider on short notice wasn’t easy—just getting insurance company approval for in-home care is complicated and time-consuming. However, Kimberlee Seah says Soleo Health helps patients receive therapies to treat their complex medical conditions.
The company treats autoimmune and neuromuscular disorders, hemophilia and bleeding disorders, infectious diseases and other rare medical conditions—either at home or in one of its infusion and treatment centers.
Soleo Health provides access to doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patient advocates and reimbursement specialists. It has a network of specialty pharmacies to deliver therapies as well.
As the company’s senior vice president and general counsel, Seah manages legal affairs and ensures compliance with a plethora of federal and state agency regulations.
“Our goal is to simplify complex care and improve the quality of patients’ lives,” she says. “I love helping translate complex legal frameworks into practical advice that guides business teams in achieving their patient care mission.”
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