Don’t Let Old Data Dictate Your Strategic Planning

Data Ages

When performing any type of strategic planning, from assessing community need to market analysis, high-quality data is needed to drive your strategic vision forward. Claims and benchmarking data can lag upwards of a year, and the freshest data available could be a few years old. Once the latest data is pulled for providers or demographics, there is a ticking clock on the report’s viability for being a key resource in decision-making.

Data Ages

Data Ages – Physician & Advanced Practice Provider Data

No matter how dynamic your market is, providers come and go. It’s imperative to have a listing of physicians and other providers’ supply by specialty, complete with detailed data on age, office locations, and affiliations. This is where Carnahan Group’s 20-plus years of experience come into play. We have the expertise to assist you with every aspect of your physician and advanced practice provider staffing plans through our top consulting services. Our team’s resources are continually being updated with the latest provider and demographic data available, giving you a catalyst to create sound, decisive strategic planning. Because your service area is unique, our recommendation as to when to reanalyze your service area’s community needs will be tailored to how dynamic your market is.

Data Ages – Demographic Data

From housing unit projections to the average daily traffic count of an area to an evaluation of how healthy a county is compared to the nation, demographic data plays a unique role in strategic planning. Unfortunately, the timeframes for when specific data is updated vary; national data releases may not necessarily line up with state data releases. Even certain subcategories of data provided by an entity may not be updated simultaneously. Even though there could be newer national data, state data may lag by a year. In this case, Carnahan Group recommends using the most recent year or four quarters of data that will align when providing comparisons.

Carnahan Group – Automating the Routine, Humanizing the Extraordinary™

Our team has data experts on staff to assist you with creating a market analysis using the best, most trusted data available while guiding you based on our insights. Because the years of data can differ for each piece of a market analysis within a singular report, the demographic data we provide should be reanalyzed when newer data is released. Each strategic service line we provide has its own reanalyzing parameters. In the broadest sense, we recommend partnering with us either annually or bi-annually depending on your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our strategic services, contact Carnahan Group to collaborate with one of our experienced consultants.

Article Written by: Sofia Colón, Strategic Healthcare Analyst