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Transforming Healthcare by Automating the Routine and Humanizing the Extraordinary™.

Integrated Healthcare Strategies

Integrated Healthcare Strategies.

Analysis and actions based on your competitive landscape.

Healthcare Business Valuations

Healthcare Business Valuations.

In-depth valuations of healthcare entities and services.

Healthcare Compensation Valuations

Healthcare Compensation Valuations.

Analyzed and customized to your specific needs.

Tangible asset valuation

Tangible Asset Valuations.

Ownership structures, lease arrangements, time-share agreements, and more.

Carnahan Group

Guiding Top Healthcare Organizations since 2002

  • Innovative Technology

    Innovative Technology

    We streamline service lines to promote organizational efficiency.

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  • Healthcare Compensation Valuation

    Healthcare Compensation Valuations

    We ensure your organization employs providers at fair market value with maximum regulatory compliance.

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  • Strategic Consulting

    Strategic Consulting

    A complete plan around integrated healthcare strategies provides an analysis of the hospital’s competitive landscape.

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  • Healthcare Business Valuation

    Healthcare Business Valuations

    We will perform healthcare business valuations of your practice objectively and independently to arrive at a fair market value.

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  • Tangible Asset Valuation

    Tangible Asset Valuations

    Our expertise allows us to accurately measure the fair market value of all aspects of your healthcare entity.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare Transactions®


A physician compensation platform providing innovative solutions for healthcare compliance.

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Mission Statement:
Transforming healthcare by automating the routine and humanizing the extraordinary™.

We are experts in healthcare FMVs, guiding healthcare organizations towards business insights, compliance, and growth strategies.

Carnahan Group

Our Clients Agree:

  • Carnahan Group’s healthcare knowledge, client-oriented work ethic and business awareness form an effective safety net that gives our hospital CEOs and in-house lawyers the confidence they need when structuring complex deals in such a highly regulated environment.

    General Counsel
    A For-Profit Healthcare System

  • I’ve had the opportunity to work with Carnahan Group on several occasions and am extremely pleased. They have a quick turnaround without compromising the quality of the work.

    General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer
    A Non-Profit Healthcare System

  • We’ve had the pleasure of working with Carnahan Group… We have confidence in their expertise and rely on the professional analysis they provide. It is a pleasure to recommend them.

    Executive Vice President/Physician Practices
    A Non-Profit Healthcare System

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Carnahan Group
chris carnahan

We provide the best individualized strategic planning options for healthcare organizations. In the end, when seeking for a Healthcare FMV, healthcare practitioners need much more than a document. They need a plan to guide them toward wiser growth strategies, a plan that will succeed under the industry’s toughest scrutiny and in the midst of litigation.
Carnahan Group has the experience to help develop that plan.

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Chris Carnahan, Founder & CEO of Carnahan Group, Inc.