Carnahan Group Launches Innovative Fair Market Valuation Platform, FMVMD™

Carnahan Group launches FMVMD™, a sophisticated fair market valuation platform. FMVMD™ instantly analyzes simple and complex physician compensation arrangements alike, determining clinical, medical director, on-call, administrative and academic compensation for fair market value and commercial reasonableness. The platform’s algorithms assess historical factors, productivity, proposed hours and total compensation to ensure maximum compliance and protection against potential compensation stacking issues.

“The days of waiting weeks and months to get physician compensation valuations are now over! FMVMD™ provides rapid and compliant results. Our cloud-based platform was designed for scale, speed, affordability, and compliance.  Furthermore, our team of highly qualified valuation professionals standby to support FMVMD™. We are empowering healthcare executives to get physician deals done with a click of a button,” states Chris Carnahan, President of Carnahan Group.

Each submission produces color gradient sliders: red, yellow, and green to illustrate the various compensation components analyzed. Green indicates “go” and you can instantly print an FMV opinion letter from your desk. Yellow requires additional inquiry and feedback from Carnahan Group and is delivered within three business days. Red requires further attention to implement changes and/or qualitative factors, which will be delivered in five business days.

“FMVMD™ finally puts compensation compliance at my fingertips. We are now able to get fair market valuations for deals where it would have been otherwise cost prohibitive. The pace of the healthcare industry keeps accelerating and Carnahan Group’s platform and support helps me meet the needs of my clients,” said Heath Clark, attorney at Clark Business and Health Law. 

FMVMD™ is available 24/7, 365 days a year, and includes over 260 specialties and mid-level providers.  FMVMD™ users have achieved substantial cost reductions of 50 percent or greater and significantly decreased turnaround time. Carnahan Group offers 100 percent satisfaction within 90 days or the subscription fees are refunded.