Tampa Bay’s Best Places to Work

Carnahan Group is proud to be recognized as one of Tampa Bay’s Best Places to Work in 2018!


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Revolutionizing Healthcare Transactions

We are Carnahan Group, an ingenious healthcare technology and consulting firm in Tampa, FL and Nashville, TN. At Carnahan Group we Think Differently within the healthcare compliance industry; we recognize the necessity for faster, better, cost-effective service line solutions to restore healthcare’s mission of giving back to the healers and the communities they serve.

We will always be a high-touch firm that maximizes the customer service experience by developing individualized solutions, yet we’ve incorporated high-tech methodologies and algorithms to decrease the time and costs associated with them.




Why Carnahan Group?

Customer Service – We have a high-touch customer service approach ensuring satisfactory communication and high quality customized deliverables for any project.

Innovative – We are constantly looking for ways to provide ingenious compliance solutions without ever sacrificing quality or service to our clients.

Transparent – We value the partnerships with our clients and are always looking for ways to ensure you’re saving where you can.

Accredited – Our team is comprised of NACVA Standard Board members, instructors and a litany of designations to defend any opinion should an arrangement ever be called into question.


Our Clients Agree:

  • Carnahan Group’s healthcare knowledge, client-oriented work ethic and business awareness form an effective safety net that gives our hospital CEOs and in-house lawyers the confidence they need when structuring complex deals in such a highly regulated environment.

    General Counsel
    A For-Profit Healthcare System

  • I’ve had the opportunity to work with Carnahan Group on several occasions and am extremely pleased…

    General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer
    A Non-Profit Healthcare System

  • We’ve had the pleasure of working with Carnahan Group… We have confidence in their expertise and rely on the professional analysis they provide. It is a pleasure to recommend them.

    Executive Vice President/Physician Practices
    A Non-Profit Healthcare System